I took over a Google Ads account for a jewelry store a few days ago.

Scaled it from $500/day to $2500/day in spend.

A lot of people don’t know this, but for most DTC/Ecomm brands, Google spend “tracks” paid social spend.

FB spend drops? Google spend drops.
FB ads get disapproved? Scale down Google ASAP.

As brands add other channels to their media mix it gets more complicated.

But for most, this is the reality of the relationship between FB & Google.

This account was only spending 5% on Google that it was spending on Facebook.

In my experience, especially with jewelry stores & clothing/apparel stores, they’ll spend anywhere from 10-30% of FB spend.

Anything higher or lower, and you’re “overspending” or “underspending”.

The trick is to scale up until revenue stops going up, then scale down a little bit.

Pay attention to what % of Facebook spend that is, and that’s your “sweet spot”.