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Zack Miller

Growth Marketing Partner, @growthzacks

This video explains a few steps for reviewing the spreadsheets for quality, to ensure your insights sheet is as actionable as possible.

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Video Transcript

so i almost forgot to shoot the video on quality assurance and how to uh how to essentially review this data and and clean up any any mistakes you might find now the idea is that this isn’t going to be perfect anyway it’s not supposed to be but um there are a couple things that really pop out sometimes when i review these and i just wanted to share them so that way you could be aware of it so uh what i’m going to do is basically pick the top topic real quick bad breath and i’m going to filter on it and show you what i’m looking for so the first thing is making sure that the sub category is the same for all these because it’s there’s there’s a few things happening here right one is the piece of content in here is about bad breath and the um the whole idea here is that it is a pain point so no matter how they talk about it whether they say it’s good the product’s bad or it’s neutral or whatever the thing that in in discussion the topic here it’s still always a pain point it’s not going to change so a lot of times what’ll happen is that there’s a mix of these that are pain point and feature and all over the place so it’s just make sure that they’re consistent um we’ll check the next one add to water so these are all the same so these were reviewed looks like uh trips to the that okay here’s my features paying 500 so yeah this would go under failure right and then as you clean these up it’ll start to change how the pie chart looks and it’ll give you a little bit of a different way of looking at the data after you’ve cleaned it all up um so just something that’s really important to pay attention to so now the next one is i’d imagine there’s probably going to be more in this one just based on the nature of the product but features that get classified as pain points so the first one is is make sure your topics match your subcategories match your categories because it’s the sentiment that’s going to be variable between them the sentiment is basically was the review were they saying it was good the product worked or they’re saying it sucked it didn’t work it was bad uh in this case look at this like price is still a feature but they’re saying it’s bad because it’s very expensive a little expensive so this is really useful and insightful to know um now the next one we’ll flip through this and like right here here’s one this obviously should be a goal thicker thicker hair or feature so um you know whatever it is these should be consistent thicker hair volume probably more of a goal than a feature but it really depends on how the person reading this interpreted it so ingredients give the product its features typically and goals are essentially what they want to get and the features are how it works and how it gets them there so ingredients make the features which kind of explain how the product works to get your goals or move you away from pain so um volume nice looking hair like it’s it’s kind of tricky because in this case the features are the goals here the product grows hair and that’s what people want to do so it makes sense that they’re both in here so it’s just something to pay attention to um a lot of products are going to be very different but if you keep that that framework in mind ingredients give a product its features which make it so that way you can get to your goals or move away from your pain points that’s really good model and way to think about these things and how they relate to each other um but anyway just to filter some of these i just want to filter on features and um i’m going to select a couple of these taste volume freshens breath i’m actually just going to select all these except for price and then clear this one hopefully it worked nope okay whatever uh let’s sort it by these then so these are all the same these are all the same it’s all the same here’s a couple that popped out so you want to check for these but um there’s a couple of instances where for pain um it’ll be a feature that actually gets marked as pain by accident and uh it looks like the team is not falling for that anymore so maybe this one this one’s very feature heavy but a lot of times what will happen is something will be describing a feature and the sentiment will be bad so it’ll get mixed in as a pain point by accident and then i’ll throw off your chart in high level analysis it’s just something to look out for so let’s filter on we’ll just filter out pain points okay there aren’t any and uh this is probably so so exactly this is this is oh he’s in the bleeding didn’t floss so this is more of a failure to be honest but um nothing in here so these are all looks like they’ve caught all these but um hoping to find at least one let’s give it one more shot and then we’ll call it oh pink points yeah these are all these are all fine um anyway what will happen is like one of these might be marked so let’s look at the neutral one having bad back pain sitting down needs relief so they might say like it was a feature by accident um or or if it was a feature it was classified as a pain point because the sentiment was bad so no examples to show you team did a good job with this so that’s all there is to it um anyway keep that in mind the relationship between these three the topics and subcategories should always match sentiment if it’s bad just watch out that it’s accidentally misclassified as a pain point and then um really the only other thing the qa is just general proofreading and cleaning up of these and that’s it that’s the course uh again i hope you like it if you have any questions shoot me a message linkedin instagram twitter i’m hanging out over there also put a form here and uh that way i can collect some feedback on the course and figure out how to make it better so that’s it hope you like it