Level 2 ad groups are crucial for structuring non-brand search campaigns in #googleads.

Here, I’ll discuss naming conventions, keyword selection, and ad group creation with a video example at the end.

Level 2 ad groups are created when you need to adjust bids, use new ad copy, or target a different landing page.

They help you split out themes based on conversion data and focus on more specific keyword targeting.

Keyword selection comes into play when you identify a specific search term that leads to a sale.

This process helps you decide when to create a new ad group to target that theme more effectively.

As you optimize your accounts, you’re effectively doing keyword research.

The idea is to use conversion data to drive decisions instead of spending time guessing upfront.

When creating new ad groups, focus on four key aspects: bids, ad copy, landing page, and keyword specificity.

This will help you send users to more relevant pages and improve overall performance.

Naming conventions are essential for search campaigns.

They help you easily understand the thought process behind ad group creation and management.

Keep it organized and clear for future reference.

The process of extracting keywords and creating new ad groups is an ongoing one.

Continuously analyze conversion data, identify themes, and adjust ad groups accordingly to maximize campaign success.

For example, a store that sells jewelry might have a structure that looks like this:
– Lv1 | Rings
– Lv2 | Rings > Gold
– Lv2 | Rings > Silver

Here’s a video with a real example from a real ad account: