This account has been having trouble scaling, as you can see by the downward trend in spend & revenue over the last few weeks.

ROAS was fairly strong on the account, too, but it just wouldn’t perform with the additional budget we gave it.

We tried consolidating the account structure & tried new bidding strategies.

As you can see on the chart, we added extra spend, and revenue continued to stay on its downward trend.

This account acquires a lot of traffic organically from search engines, so I started looking outside of the ad account.

Search console shows an immediate drop in impressions on Sept 10th, which suggests there was an issue with their SEO, too, not just the Google ad account.

There were no significant changes to the homepage or collection pages during this period of time, which suggests the issue isn’t technical.

Google Analytics showed the loss of revenue was evenly distributed across all of their products – not just one product or one collection.
This further suggests the issue isn’t technical.

Ahrefs (1) shows no significant change in backlinks, but a significant drop in keywords the site ranks for.

Early this month I noticed Google has been testing the position of google shopping ads in the SERPs.

I’ve noticed on Mobile, some product related search terms don’t even display shopping carousels now.

Search console pointed out they’ve been making updates to product results (2).

Search engine land reported on an algorithm update that impacted products and reviews in the SERPs (3).

Based on this analysis, it’s starting to look like this site was impacted by two factors outside of the ad account:
– Updates to how products are displayed on Google.
– Broad algorithm update that has reportedly had a large impact on product related searches.

Anyone else seeing anything similar impacting any of your stores?

By the look of it, Google is going to be rolling out a lot of updates to search results for product terms over the next few months.

I’ll share what I learn as we track this closely at Homestead.