🚨Don’t let PMAX ruin your Black Friday🚨

PMAX, will keep spending at scale & send traffic to random blog posts & webpages after your sale ends.

This setting will help reduce waste:

-Open your PMAX campaigns
-Click on “Settings” to enter your campaign settings
-Scroll down to the *hidden menu* under “Additional settings”
– Turn “Final URL Expansion” OFF

LMK here if this was default “ON” for you.
I had a store blow $2k because of this after a sale.

PMAX is causing most stores to overspend due to:
– Zero reporting/insights on media mix
– Zero auction insights into search performance
– Inflated view attribution counting as clicks (Engaged views)
– Stealing traffic from branded search text ads

I’m writing about how to switch back to Standard Shopping without destroying your account today at 4pm EST.

(There’s a trick to it)

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