After hiring, training and collaborating with dozens of performance marketers, the best are masters of just two skills.

Nothing else.

If you’re not focused on mastering these two skills, you’re simply wasting your time.

1 #Copywriting:

This is by far the most important skill you can spend time learning as a marketer – especially working in DTC with direct response budgets.

A lot of people think copywriting applies only to “words”, but it’s really so much more.

Let me explain.

UGC scripts, how you approach mashups, even images on your landing pages.

Once you start to understand the marketing psychology behind copywriting, you’ll start to see it applies to everything we do as marketers.

Copywriting <> Sales <> Marketing

They all basically mean the same thing.

Same thing, different context/environment.

Where do you learn copywriting?

At the end of the day, most of the information you’ll read on copywriting is subjective and largely based on people’s opinions/experiences.

Very few people actually share the data from their tests.

The best way to learn is to take other people’s ideas/opinions and run split tests in your accounts.

Come up with (or find) an idea, test it, record the results.

Start forming your own opinions from your data.

Try to relate performance to the perspective of the audience.

2 #GoogleSheets & #Excel

Everything you do in marketing will come back to a spreadsheet.

When you think about it, Facebook, Google, Northbeam, etc…
are all basically spreadsheets, but in a fancy website user interface.

When you learn how to work with spreadsheets, you can export the data and find interesting trends MUCH more easily.

The concept is called “Exploratory Data Analysis” and when you learn spreadsheets, there’s so much more opportunity to find more ideas to test in your accounts.

Check out “Google Sheets – The Comprehensive Masterclass” by Leila Gharani on Udemy.

The is by far the BEST spreadsheet course on the internet.

Start with Google Sheets, and then learn Excel later.

Sheets has some special functions that are REALLY helpful that Excel doesn’t have.

Excel, though, is much better at working with larger data sets. Once you break a few thousand rows in Google Sheets it gets slow and miserable. Excel holds strong 100k+.

Copywriting helps you understand what to test.
Spreadsheets help you understand what to test next.

By mastering these two skills, you will perform at a significantly higher level than your peers.