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Free Copywriting Course To Beat Writer’s Block By Reverse Engineering Your Customer’s Brains

Ecommerce Product Research For Copywriting

  • Write better copy and drive more sales
  • Learn what your customer’s are thinking without surveying them
  • Train your team on scalable content operations using nothing but these videos
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Improve Your Direct Response Copy For All Mediums

Ad Copy

Landing Pages

UGC Content Briefs

Email & SMS

Organic Social Media

Who Is This Course For?


Turn copywriting into a “copy/paste” process based on reading (not writing)


Share valuable insights from reviews with your team to use for copy


Build a full-scale content system to support your book of business

Use This Course To Train Your Team

Free Template

Access to the master template and all future versions

How It Works

Entire section on how to use this sheet for your store(s)

6 Examples Included

From 6 different types of products to explain how it works

About Zack Miller

My name is Zack Miller, and I’ve been working in the DTC/Ecomm space since 2019. I’ve done everything from media buying and client strategy, to agency internal operations.

I’ve contributed to the growth of over 200 ecommerce brands, and my specialty is creating operating frameworks that are flexible and scale without sacrificing quality of service.

I started to share my insights and training material with the DTC/Ecomm community, and connect with brand owners who need help with their advertising and marketing.

Zack Miller

Head of Google Ads, Homestead Studio

What’s Inside?

Course Introduction

Access all of the files for the course, and understand why this system was created and who it’s for.

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Product Research Overview

Learn the idea behind “reverse engineering the customer” and how the system works from a high level.

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Selling Points

How people get motivated to buy can be broken down into three categories, and eight subcategories. Learn them here.

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Using The Data

Watch me use this system in real-time to write ad copy for 6 unique products by copy/pasting, then editing for readability.

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The Process

Learn how to use this system for any product, or use these videos to train your team.

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