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My name is Zack Miller, and I’ve been a DTC Ecommerce Growth Marketer since 2019. I’ve done everything from media buying and client strategy, to agency internal operations.

I’ve contributed to the growth of over 200 ecommerce brands in my agency experience. Now, as an independent growth marketing partner, I work closely with a small number of brands on their new customer acquisition strategy.

I don’t offer coaching or “hands off keyboard” consulting because I share what I know for free on my website and social media.

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Zack Miller

Growth Marketing Partner, @growthzacks

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Google Paid Search Advertising For Shopify Stores

Learn Google Paid Search Advertising For Shopify Stores (Free Course)Here’s what you’ll learn in this course Learn the most current advertising strategies and why they work today Learn how to scale accounts & when not to scale accounts Learn how to structure...

Ecommerce Product Research for Copywriting

Free Copywriting Course To Beat Writer's Block By Reverse Engineering Your Customer’s BrainsEcommerce Product Research For Copywriting Write better copy and drive more sales Learn what your customer’s are thinking without surveying them Train your team on scalable...


[Webinar] Northbeam – New Opportunities In Google Ads

I joined Bryan Bumgardner on “The Media Buyer Webinar” by Northbeam to talk about some new opportunities in Google Ads. We spoke about: Using Northbeam to analyze how Google Ads can cannabilize organic search traffic, causing you to pay for traffic you’re already...


Importance of segmenting out brand traffic

Good: Properly separating branded and nonbrand search campaigns helps optimize ad budgets and increases profitability. Bad: Mixing branded and nonbrand search leads to overspending and skewed results, affecting your bidding strategy and causing overspending. BUT WHY?...

Changes to the Google Ads search terms report

Once you learn the power of search terms report optimization, you no longer rely solely on traditional keyword research. With the changes to search terms & keywords, initial keyword research isn't as critical as it used to be. In the past, we got every search term...

Maximize conversions vs target ROAS in Google Ads

Maximize conversions vs Target ROAS in Google Ads They behave differently, and it's important to understand the nuances for optimal performance. Maximize conversions: Increase or decrease the budget to adjust efficiency. Higher budget = less efficient, lower budget =...

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Ecommerce Copywriting Rates: How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

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Email Copywriting Tips For Ecommerce Stores (With Examples)

Having difficulty attracting new customers or building solid relationships with your existing ones? This is undoubtedly a big dilemma many online businesses face today, especially with tough competition among direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Moreover, acquiring...

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Copywriting vs. Content Writing: 6 Big Differences

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The Rise And Fall Of My Personal Trainer Sales Funnel

In my first career as a personal trainer, I spent several years working in franchise gyms across New Jersey. I learned a lot about working with different personalities, and how to motivate them to achieve success in their personal lives.  I learned a lot about...