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Learn Google Paid Search Advertising For Shopify Stores (Free Course)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course

  • Learn the most current advertising strategies and why they work today
  • Learn how to scale accounts & when not to scale accounts
  • Learn how to structure campaigns for profitability and ease of management
  • Learn all of the basics including metrics and how to create campaigns
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Who is this course for?


No prior experience is needed to learn the techniques in this course.

Media Buyers

Working on a different channel and want to learn more about Google?

Brand Owners

Are you running your own ads, and want to learn the current best practices?

About Zack Miller

My name is Zack Miller, and I’ve been working in the DTC/Ecomm space since 2019. I’ve done everything from media buying and client strategy, to agency internal operations.

I’ve contributed to the growth of over 200 ecommerce brands, and my specialty is creating operating frameworks that are flexible and scale without sacrificing quality of service.

I started to share my insights and training material with the DTC/Ecomm community, and connect with brand owners who need help with their advertising and marketing.

Zack Miller

Growth Marketing Partner, @growthzacks

What’s Inside?

Course Introduction
Access all of the resources for the course, and understand why this course was created and who it’s for. View lesson
Account Structure
Learn how accounts are structured and how to navigate Google Ads. View lesson
Metrics and KPIs
Learn how to measure performance for paid search campaigns and understand the auction. View lesson
Learn how keywords, modifiers and negative keywords have changed, and how to use them today.  View lesson
Campaign Types
Learn the different types of paid search campaigns, and how to set them up. View lesson
Initial Campaign Setup
Learn the basic steps for creating campaigns in a Google Ads account. View lesson
Ad Groups
Learn when to create ad groups, and gain insight into how many you should have in your account. View lesson
Bidding Strategies
Learn the most common bidding strategies and gain insight into how they behave. View lesson
Bids, Budgets & Scaling
Learn how scaling works in Google ads, and gain insight into when you should scale ad accounts up or down. View lesson

Course Content

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