Once you learn the power of search terms report optimization, you no longer rely solely on traditional keyword research.

With the changes to search terms & keywords, initial keyword research isn’t as critical as it used to be.

In the past, we got every search term in our report.

Now, we only get a sample – about a third of total impressions are reported.

The data needs to be used differently.

There’s a greater reliance on Google’s machine learning for ad delivery, now, which means we need to adapt our strategies to get the most out of it.

This is opposed to traditional “exact match” keyword targeting paired with “manual bidding”.

Instead of using the search term report for keyword bidding calculations, we now use it in a different way.

Finding totally new keyword targeting options that reveal themselves from broad match keywords.

Use the search terms report to discover fresh ideas for your campaigns.

Broaden your scope and let Google’s delivery algorithm guide your keyword targeting strategy, as it excels at connecting potential buyers.

The search terms report may not give you every single detail like it used to.

BUT, it’s far better now at uncovering new keyword targeting ideas that work in today’s broad targeting environment.