Maximize conversions vs Target ROAS in Google Ads

They behave differently, and it’s important to understand the nuances for optimal performance.

Maximize conversions: Increase or decrease the budget to adjust efficiency.

Higher budget = less efficient, lower budget = more efficient.

You’ll get better performance at lower spend, but it scales up to a point where it’s no longer profitable.

I usually use maximize conversions when starting a campaign, then switch to Target CPA or Target ROAS for better results.

Maximize conversions and maximize conversion value will always spend your budget, so beware of potential issues externally (Ex: Facebook ads going down).

Target ROAS/CPA bidding strategies are more flexible and better for scaling efficiently.

I recommend them for nonbrand search campaigns, as they can provide more efficiency than maximize conversions.

They “ebb and flow” better with trends in search volume for your keywords.

With Target ROAS/CPA, you need to consider both the budget and the bid.

Make sure your budgets stay slightly higher than the average daily spend, so the campaigns don’t “cap out” and miss opportunities.

In my free course, “Learn Google paid search advertising for Shopify stores”, I have several videos that cover bids, budgets & scaling.

Here are the videos (with examples):